From #TED to #SXSW The Flight of the Phoenix… blogpost

8 Mar


This is Cheeky’s in Palm springs. It does breakfasts. It does them really well. The bacon plate? Well why not. But a word of warning – The Jalapeno bacon with orange marmalade glaze…it is a step too far my friends. A crime against swine. A pork felony. Otherwise the place is superb. But also not the thing to eat before you have to get on a flight. The flight of the Phoenix. To Phoenix, Arizona to be correct. And that jalapeno and marmalade bacon was a definite no no. A desert storm in its truest sense of the word hit me. And us. We were grounded due to high winds. All flights diverted to LA. Except us. sitting in the departure lounge which of course, at Palm springs is outside, lulled us into a false sense of security…


After an hour of waiting on the start of the runway. The pilot announced that we were going to give it one last shot. We lumbered down the runway and beyond and scraped the cactus tops as we crept and lurched into the swirling sandstorm. Two words came into my mind that I repeated over and over again. Model Aeroplanes? MODEL Aeroplanes…The flight of the Phoenix (the original) was all I could think of. Bumpy, noisy and scary. And was I glad to hit the ground in Arizona and make my way to a diner for a salad. No bacon. No jalapenos. Just lettuce. That is all. I get my kicks on route sickty sicks…


So a few hours and yet another time zone later. And after drinking some flat coke and eating a banana – we were off to Austin. The state capital of Texas. And was I glad when our wheels touched down on time. Austin is the home of the Livestrong Lance Armstrong foundation – amongst many other things. But this was a nice welcome view…


I am here as part of the Creative Producers delegation from the Arts Council and iShed to visit SXSW. Ths is a a phenomenal event – with over 6,800 events that take place in locations around the city over the next week. I am busy putting my schedule together before the others arrive in a couple of days. In the meantime I am catching up with office work and have been skyping The Pilot office and speaking to the team The show is running for its second week at The Curve and getting a great response.

So I am off to get my bearings in this new city which is literally a world away from Southern California. I will be posting on here the events and sessions that I attend and report back on ideas, findings and all that stuff too. Plus am avoiding bacon. Just saying…



2 Responses to “From #TED to #SXSW The Flight of the Phoenix… blogpost”

  1. Katie March 9, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    Oh no sounds like you are the swine had a major disagreement! flight sounds hideous! The rest sounds fab though. Looking forward to hearing all the details soon (not about the route sixty sick though!) x

  2. Katie March 9, 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    Sorry meant to say you and the swine! not you are the swine! xx

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