Remember The Alamo… #sxsw blogpost picture diary

10 Mar


This is actually the Alamo picture house on 6th in downtown Austin, but my story today concerns a trip past the real Alamo on the way to San Antonio. As I managed to get a ride from the hotel who took me there to see the Tower of the Americas. A journey – and a half – like all things in Texas – everything is just that bit bigger – Well it does have a poulation of 25 million and is about the same size as France – just to give you an idea…here is the road outside the hotel


The place was great – a long two hour drive but worth it to take in the River Walk and the Amazing Tower of the Americas.


And a couple of places on the way which caught my eye. I decided not to check in here at this place (a foursquare joke…sort of!)


And more and more I was feeling as if I was heading towards the central casting for a new Tarantino movie


Regarding the Mardi Gras stuff I spoke about – yep here is a man with a plate of Oysters – not heading my way I hasten to add!


And an almost empty Country and Western band bar which I dared to go in alone – dressed as I was too! and caught this moment


Am heading into town now to check in at The Convention centre and see if I can pick up any top tips for the team who are all flying in today. We have a room here in the hotel to meet after breakfast tomorrow where we will get the lowdown and meet everyone from the ACE delegation which is going to be really cool.

Til later amigos



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