The Game Layer to shift changes in Education #sxswace

12 Mar

An interesting day so far. A live link up from Austin to the Roundhouse via skype. It wasn’t the performance, more the talk and presentation about the work. Hailed as a potential first meant that I had to make a couple of points about our previous work. But an early morning session at the Convention Centre and meeting some great new people.

A great session keynote by 22 year old Seth Priebatsch about game theory and the next decade called the Game Layer.

Looking at how education could be recalibrated in terms of how incentives and grading should work. As school is a poorly designed ‘game’

So all students start from zero and gain experience points – as they gain skills. So it is always progressing forward, rather than getting a C grade or a D grade and a sense of failure.

The thing is how long it takes you to progress. But there is never any going back. Using the gaming ideas to increase engagement and decrease boredom, and hence increase loyalty.

He also talked about how cheating is an in game hazard, and how at Princeton it has been eliminated. By having no teachers or invigilators in exams – at all.

At the end of the time of the test the students leave their papers in a box at the front. This is monitored by the group, who sign an honour code, where complicity is part of the crime

So the enemy shifts from the admin and the system to the test itself. He also suggested that tax forms should be run in the same way. Again fascinating food for thought. An amazing day, great weather and lots of chat, connections and updates about the current global events and how we can and what we can do to help in the most effective way

Seth is from and

He wears red sunglasses on his head. He talks like rapid gunfire – he fired up 3000 people in a room and got us to collectively play a game that has the ability for countries to think differently about how to tackle global issues.

Recharge time!

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