Recharge day and Branding #sxswace blogpost

13 Mar


Orange Juice. Coffee. Power. Recharge batteries both personal and digital severely needed today. We were hosted to a great evening by WM UKTI last night, and it was great to hook with some old mates and meet some new colleagues from the UK. The whole Creative Producers team were there as well as @documentally and we were really able to try and unpick and feedback and more importantly filter the stuff we have seen, heard and done.

The schedule here is very busy, and I know for those reading this back home will have little sympathy with our situation. And quite rightly so. It is a great opportunity and an immense privilege to be out here. And the great thing is that with so many of us here we are able to cover a great breadth of the talks and feed them back to each other and share that info. That gets the conversations and ideas flowing which is what this is really all about.

Some of the talk about branding and brand specialists here is beginning to grate. For example I went to the talk entitled how to build a responsible and creative online community – only to find out it was sponsored by and and run by AT&T and was basically a pitch about their new Facebook site. it certainly wasn’t addressing the crazy roaming fees for using our phones over here, and was basically a sales and marketing pitch. End of. So I used the openspace rule of the law of two feet, and left to find a better session. But my point is that with 7,000 sessions in 5 days some are hit and some are miss. Which is why we are able to hit the target more frequently with our team and network here.

We are in the home of branding here. It is where it started. On cattle with a hot iron. That is where it stems from. Making a mark on your property so if it strayed into another field – you could identify it. Branding. That is all.

In other news – a sustainable ipad stand – made in the Netherlands  – a simple and beautiful design.


So coffee. Recharge and writing this here in the Convention Centre reminds me of being back at university. Old school for me. Except without the laptop. The paper posters pasted on the pillars, the endless flyers on the table. Only this time the have QR scan codes on them – and even those are old school now.


And a word of advice. If someone tells you to try a bacon infused waffle cone filled with scrambled eggs. Just eat it. But never ever photograph it. As afterwards you too will need a little sit down and recharge…


Til later


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