Google has us covered and we saw Mike Tyson #sxswace

14 Mar


One of the Google Street cars passes the Convention Centre in Downtown Austin. People behaved appropriately…

A good day, back on form and recharged and ready to go. I am currently backing up power from the carbon neutral solar pump here on the ‘grassy knoll’ as it has become named.

And I have been asked to speak at a Transmedia panel tomorrow on new platforms for story and narrative dissemination – so that’s a #win and I am looking forward to that.

I also hooked up and went for a meal with the #2amt theatre community yesterday. Travis Bedard got six of us together on Twitter and we met in the soco area (south of congress) for dinner. I met artists from Austin, New York and Washington DC. – Good times

Couple of strange or ‘weird’ things that have happened? We saw Mike Tyson in a boxing ring and I got a free lip balm.

Good lunch today at IronWorks and we are all meeting up with all the Producers delegation tonight at Perry’s Steak House

Good panel from Rohan Gunatillake this morning on festivals and potential micro social networks

Til later

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