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16 Mar


I spent some time at the desk here today, there is a live feed up to the Japanese newsrooms and there is direct translation and information coming in from the ground from colleagues and friends connecting with sxsw. Just talking to people and listening to their stories. It was heartbreaking. The global community witnessing and sharing this tragedy and with support from participants here in Austin. Without doubt this has shocked our world here and the connections are felt around the community here in Texas. Here is one of the many reports from around the web from sxsw

Japan update

Donation site

Even though it is the last night I have headed back to the hotel. I have to put some things in order, and to get ready to head back home. Thinking how fragile our lives are and how powerless we are in the face on nature’s onslaughts, my thoughts have reconnected back with family, home and loved ones.

Being away for two and a half weeks now I am ready to get back. I recognise that this has been the most amazing opportunity, and I have met some incredibly inspiring and fabulous people, and now I want to put together a sort of summing up blog post. Which I will work on tonight and go through all the photos taken here whilst in Austin. For some reason, and I don’t know why all the prints from here have been in black and white. It just worked out that way, and all the ones from California are all in colour. I will work on a guide to survive at sxsw and some top tips from being in Texas – and post next on here…

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