In Planning Mode for @pilot_theatre

6 Apr


Just taking a break outside for the first time in the garden this year. This new financial year – which here in the UK is just over 12 hours old. So happy new financial year

In all seriousness though, we have been putting plans in place for our new programme of work. Also taking time to reflect on the recent changes to the funding landscape.

We also say goodbye this week to our Romeo and Juliet touring team. 8 actors and 4 stage managers have been with us since August last year. An amazing run, of 22 touring weeks, over 130 performances – to audiences of thousands and thousands.

Thankyou – and enjoy the last week in Buxton at the Opera House – we will see you all on Friday. The show finishes on Saturday – and on the Monday we start rehearsals for our next show – What Light – directed by Katie Posner

In other news TEDxYork as part of our Shift Happens programme will open for booking in 2 weeks. An amazing lineup already and a few more surprises to follow

So whilst putting my feet up in the hammock for the first time I have been able to write this. More info soon on our new website and our drama on demand project…

Til later

Onwards and upwards…

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