An afternoon in the garden office – with Harpo

21 Apr


The weather has been spectacular all this week. As such I have made my office in the garden. With help from Harpo.

It is the first time since Christmas that all the family has been together. A feat in itself. Just realising the amount of travel this year has shocked us. Susie had been to India twice, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and Singapore for work so far this year. I have been to the States and Christy has been in London all this term. So for the first time – family Romer take a breather – and mostly in the garden. Not even travelling into town.

I have been reformatting and backing up my hard drive – in more ways than one…

Am back after Easter where I will be picking up with the amazing response we had for TEDxYork – all the first wave of tickets were gone in 40 minutes.

We have some work to do in finalising the schedule and capacity, and I will be checking with Science City York next week about final numbers.

Also we will be putting together details for a new post to work with us at Pilot – as we draft details for the position of Digital Producer – more details soon….

Meanwhile back to the garden office.

And all have a great Easter break…


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