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#artstogether ‘s posterous blog – The full cake

30 Jun

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The complete cake!

The twitter stats for #artstogether

29 Jun

Almost 1 million impressions today…

Time for bed…

Thanks to all who came, attended, dropped in, and made it possible


A Banksy from Bristol and other tales #sxswace

26 Jun


Last week at the Creative Producers week in Bristol. I enjoyed discovering hidden gems on my walk up to Stokes Croft. I lived there some time ago when working as an actor, and loved my walk back in time up to Montepellier and Picton Street.

Lots had changed and lots hadn’t too. The Italian grocers Licata’s is still there and the service and bar at The Beaufort hadn’t changed much. The pizzas in Renato’s next to the Old Vic tasted as I remembered them…

Bristol is a great city, and the walk round the harbour to the Olive Shed restaurant was great. The Pervasive Media Studio is a brilliant and inspiring place to work. The whole of the ethos of Watershed and their team is truly transformational. A great week. Lots of connections, thoughts and ideas. And seeing some old haunts and friends was again invigorating and in more ways the gamechanging shift that I needed.

New ideas, perspectives and insights were what we were given

So – Onwards and upwards – and a big thanks to Jon Dovey, Clare Reddington, Dick Penny and Constance Fleuriot – and nor forgetting all the other 11 producers who gave their time and generosity during what was an amazing week.

Thanks to ACE, UWE and The PMStudioUK for making this happen

So here are some of my other images from the week…

Director’s Chair in the sun #dayoff

26 Jun


A beautiful start to the Sunday – breakfast coffee and sunshine. After a busy time travelling I am going to kick back and put some time aside to sit in the garden and try not to think about work for at least 24 hours. So til later…


what we are doing on June 29th #artstogether livestream on

25 Jun

Creative Producers Development Programme #sxswace

24 Jun

Through the arch / with some new ideas #blogpost

14 Jun


Packed bags, boarding pass printed, garden tidied, emails done, sort of sorted. Not really though. Never really sorted, more of a continual cutting of the grass and sweeping of the leaves. It will need doing when I get back. It always does.

Been taking stock recently. What’s important all that sort of stuff. Writing again, thinking. That’s it thinking. Really thinking. Often we don’t get time to do that. To take time out. To think and to imagine. To exercise your imagination. To have ideas. Ideas that have value as Ken Robinson puts it, is to use your imagination creatively. How often do we do that. I don’t mean short term problem solving. What to have for tea, shall I open that email now kind of thinking. But more proper thinking.

In my previous life, working in the NHS we had to do lots of quick thinking. Examination, taking the history, asking the right questions, doing the right tests, which x-rays to take, what to prescribe, working out what the potential diagnosis could be. Putting the findings in the ‘surgical sieve’

Yep that’s the term for it. Throw all the findings in, all the test results, all the history. What falls through? Forget it. It’s not relevant this time. What’s left behind? – there’s your answer. The stuff that stays in the sieve needs to be investigated further. This will lead you to a diagnosis.

The same is true for me now. Only this time it is a creative ‘colander’ not a sieve. And this time I am throwing in ideas. The rubbish ones fall straight through. The ones that are good stick around, and in time can stick to each other. This stickiness stops them falling through the holes. So the ideas can grow and be further worked on and put through the tests. To see if they are the correct ones. The right diagnosis. The ones that have value – and are creatively imaginative.

This process takes time, and you have to force yourself to have ideas. To exercise your imagination.

It is what I have been doing recently, and I know TEDxYork will further help with this in terms of allowing some of those ideas to be challenged and tested, and for some more to be thrown into the creative colander. This is good. I am looking forward to it. As some may stick around and be really worth exploring with time and energy.

So through the arch the picture shifts, it constantly changes, and here I will sit until it gets dark. Then go inside. Turn off my computer and wait to be picked up. As in I the morning I am going to Dresden, to see our show and to meet friends at the Annual meeting of Platform.

Ideas will happen. Some may stick around. The ones that do, I will tell you about. The ones that don’t I won’t

Til later