Livestreaming from #wyptransform on Saturday June 11th – Join the conversation…

9 Jun


As part of the Trans.Form festival at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Pilot Theatre will be livestreaming from the foyer on Saturday 11th June from 11am onwards. You can catch this and join the conversation by visiting our new streaming channel Pilot-Theatre.TV

So what is this all about? Well as part of Transform we want to widen the debate and open up the channels for people to get involved and join the conversation. To ask the questions ‘What should a Theatre in 2011 be doing? How can it transform what it does? What do you want to see how do you want to be involved? These are the questions that the producing collaborators Alan Lane, from SlungLow and Kully Thiarai, freelance Director, have put together, in partnership with Amy Letman and the West Yorkshire Playhouse team with their programme of work. The events and activities are there to catalyse, stimulate, inspire and encourage this debate.

So where does what we are doing fit into this mix? Well there are many people who can’t get to Leeds. Many people who aren’t able to be in the space to participate. Many people in this country and outside the UK who I think it would be vital to ask to join us and to add to the debate, discussion and join in the fun. Why not?

So, as part of our ongoing research into how digital technology can help to widen the reach, provide increased engagement and to see what this stuff can do, we will be working with our partners Kinura on the day to help us keep a livestream going and hopefully not falling over. On the channel there is a chatroom where discussion can take place, also we will be folowing and using the #wyptransform hashtag on Twitter and we will be encouraging the conversations both on and offline. Bec Storey from Pilot will be hosting the mic and we will be talking to people, and I will be there all day too, as well as following the live performances taking place.

As part of the schedule of what happens, we want to open that up to you. What is it you want to say? Who do you want to talk to? Through this crowd-sourcing we will be able to chat with the directors, performers, staff, audience about their thoughts and yours and explore ideas about the whole Trans.Form project. We will be building all the stuff into a new Storify project that will then be shared globally.

We will be keen to see how far the #wyptransform hashtag will travel, where people are watching the stream from, and what feedback starts to come in.  Already I know that colleagues in the USA as part of the #2amt group will be joining us, so it will be really interesting to see where this will take us. Who we talk to, what ideas are transformed and above all who gets involved

Join us…

Marcus Romer

Artistic Director – Pilot Theatre



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