A Banksy from Bristol and other tales #sxswace

26 Jun


Last week at the Creative Producers week in Bristol. I enjoyed discovering hidden gems on my walk up to Stokes Croft. I lived there some time ago when working as an actor, and loved my walk back in time up to Montepellier and Picton Street.

Lots had changed and lots hadn’t too. The Italian grocers Licata’s is still there and the service and bar at The Beaufort hadn’t changed much. The pizzas in Renato’s next to the Old Vic tasted as I remembered them…

Bristol is a great city, and the walk round the harbour to the Olive Shed restaurant was great. The Pervasive Media Studio is a brilliant and inspiring place to work. The whole of the ethos of Watershed and their team is truly transformational. A great week. Lots of connections, thoughts and ideas. And seeing some old haunts and friends was again invigorating and in more ways the gamechanging shift that I needed.

New ideas, perspectives and insights were what we were given

So – Onwards and upwards – and a big thanks to Jon Dovey, Clare Reddington, Dick Penny and Constance Fleuriot – and nor forgetting all the other 11 producers who gave their time and generosity during what was an amazing week.

Thanks to ACE, UWE and The PMStudioUK for making this happen

So here are some of my other images from the week…

One Response to “A Banksy from Bristol and other tales #sxswace”

  1. Jon d at 11:03 pm #

    If a good producer always moves the chairs … Trivett passes test !

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