And when did you last see your father…?

28 Jul


…officially it was last Sunday, July 24th, when this picture was taken. As that was the last time he was able to make it downstairs to eat a meal with my mother and me. In actuality I saw him about an hour ago in a mechanical bed. In a hospice that we have spent the day getting him sorted out in. Recently our lives, well to be fair, his life, has been all about physics – and especially mechanics. This has included stairlifts, morphine pumps, tubes, wires, lifts, and muscle loss. The hospice have been amazing. They just are. They give you time. They give you space. They give you back dignity. They sort out the physics and the physical needs. They also look after your souls. They incorporate inspiring real things into the space. Original art commissions, fresh seasonal flowers, great coffee, quiet gardens, light. and Glenfiddich 18 year old single malt on a trolley that is always open.

I have spent today talking to people, who before this morning were complete strangers, and telling the them things. – Plus seemingly endless driving to and from my family home, where I grew up. I say grew up as if it is something that I once did, as if it stopped at some point. We all say this …”where I grew up”

I know that some more growing up was done today, and that for sure, some more is round the corner…

But for now, back in my childhood home, I am taking some time to write this –  and “once more try to reconnect the wifi so I can video conference on skype with my brother who is currently in Turkey to keep him updated”

Now that is sentence that would have made no sense to my previous self sitting on this sofa all those years ago…

(this links with a previous blog here)


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