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Twitter stats from #TEDxYork 1.6m impressions and 183,000 people reached

9 Jul

Curiositea Shop: Cyber Cupcakes! #TEDxYork

7 Jul

awesome cupcakes today from Curiositea for #TEDxYork

#TEDxYork #cupcakes #TED #TEDactive

7 Jul


Audioboo off to set up #TEDxYork

6 Jul

The Bus Ticket for #TEDxYork and all the info you need…

4 Jul


Welcome to the TEDxYork info page.


Here is the Bus Ticket – please feel free to download this and use it on July 7th

The buses leave from outside the train station every 15 minutes and will have a TEDxYork sign in the window.

Stewards will be at the station to point you in the right direction for the bus

The bus leaves from the HUB at the end of TEDxYork from 6.00pm

Not attending? watch online from 11.30 am on Pilot-Theatre.TV

There is a full chatroom online to leave comments and get involved –

Or, if you are on Twitter follow the hashtag #TEDxYork

Full details are on

The programme of events are here



The QR code for the day is here

A view from a balcony today…

3 Jul


We are visiting…relatives this weekend – the view from here is amazing over the Irish sea.

Taking the opportunity to put my feet up and kick back before the week gears into action for TEDxYork this Thursday July 7th.

The family are all back today – Christy is back from his first year at uni – so we have just eaten fish and chips by the sea and are taking the time for an old fashioned family day out by the sea

Ice cream calls now…

See you either in person or online next week at our TED event which we will livestream on


#TEDxYork 2011 Programme of Events

1 Jul