After the Quake…

11 Aug


A corner of a hotel bed in a room somehere in Northern France is what I can see right now. It is where I will stay, before travelling on tomorrow. I am taking some time out.

I am reading this book. It feels as if it is the right book to read. It is upside down on my bed. I say reading, but I am
as yet unable to start it. I am not there yet.


This has been a strange fortnight. I haven’t been able to write things down properly yet. Images are still floating round my head like an unfinished animation. Mostly black and white. Clear cut, but without colour.

The news from the rest of the world has been an unsettling blur. A worrying haze. Hard to focus. Hard to make sense. There are some things I just can’t understand. Begin to understand. Some things are too difficult.

Here in this room it is good. It feels right to be here. Tomorrow I will be somewhere else.

The view will be different tomorrow. It always is.

That is all.


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