Binary Moments…

14 Aug


Things are defined as either before or after. Those moments when a line is drawn in the sand. There was life before that moment, and life is different after that moment. It is how we measure our lives, how we create our narratives, how we tell our stories.

It makes us who we are.

At the moment, as part of this story, we are away. Which is great. Seeing our two children preparing to get into the pool for the first time is a joy. The weather here is sunny, bright and the air is clear. The view has most definitely changed. This is good.

I have started reading again, and writing a bit too. Not working. Just scribbling, and ideas are beginning to clarify. For some time, at least the last six months they have been on pause, on hold. They are coming back now. This is good too.

I wrote back on July 29th about having some more growing up to do. Over these last two weeks I know this has happened.

Binary moments…



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