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York UNESCO bid: Next stop Korea –

30 Oct

Next Month Kersten England, City of York Council???s Chief Executive, will present York???s case to join the Creative City???s Network and become an internationally recognised UNESCO Creative Media City.

Kersten will be joined by Marcus Romer, Artistic Director and CEO of Pilot Theatre, based at York Theatre Royal, as they travel to Korea to attempt to join only 29 other cities around the world with specialist expertise in literature; film, music; crafts and folk art; design, media arts or gastronomy.

UNESCO???s Creative Cities Network (CCN) brings together cities so that they can share cultural, social and economic experiences, ideas and best practices across national and economic divides.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network Conference on ???Sustainable Development Based on Creativity???, will take place in Seoul on 16-17 November 2011 and will be followed by the Network???s Annual Meeting on the 18th of November where all 28 members of the Network will discuss future developments and potential new members to the Network.

On the CCN Kersten said, ???York is intent on making its future as compelling and internationally recognised as its past. Creative media arts is the fastest growing sector in York and the city is expanding its creative business base, investing in media arts facilities and growing public engagement.

???We want to make a distinctive and growing contribution to the global UNESCO Creative Cities Network, and being part this elite group would enable us share best practice and learn from some of the most creatively influential cities in the world. We know that York is leading the way in creative media arts, now we need to take our place on the international stage.???

The visit to Korea is being financed by private business who will no doubt benefit from the Creative Network should York???s bid be successful. York will be aiming to gain UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts status to sit alongside Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bradford which are UNESCO Cities of literature, music and film respectively. If successful York would have an ongoing responsibility to continue to promote and support the city???s many creative media companies.

Susie Cawood of York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, said, ???We welcome the chance to promote one of York???s fastest growing sectors to an international audience. There are over 250 creative media arts companies in York and more than 8,000 people in York are now employed in this sector, so it???s vital that we highlight the city???s expertise and experience to a wider audience.???


Image courtesy of Ekke.

London / York / Moscow / Family #skype

19 Oct


Connecting the four of us across three cities in the world. With Skype. Free.

That is all

A Green Hyundai? – What does all this mean?

17 Oct


Since August life has been a bit a of a whirlwind.

The 3 most stressful things in life are –

1 – Bereavement

2 – Moving House

3 – Changing jobs

All three have been impacting on my world in one shape or another in the last two months. Which may explain chaotic emails, random tweets and unintelligble ramblings. To clarify though. I am not changing jobs. Susie is. Or rather has. She is now living in Cambridge. But only for part of the time. And in other news that doesn’t mean we are not together. It just means we are not together during the week. That is all

For those of you who do know me. I work in York. I live here. And We have a house here. It was still there this morning when I left it. That is all

For those of you who know me a bit better, will know why I am driving a Hyundai Sonata (green 1999) It used to belong to my dad. He is no longer here. But the car did have a bit more life in it. So it is now in York. That is all.

For those of you still reading and who think they are getting to know me a bit better, then you will know that we have now got a house in Histon. This is where Susie will live. And I will be going to at weekends.Yes. That is all.

All of these things have meant – change, upheaval, grumpiness, disorganisation (on some things) talking to solicitors on phones, arranging stuff. So…

If I have –

a) not answered an email

b) forgotten to phone you back

c) not turned up for a very important meeting

d) left early

e) any or all of the above in the last 2 months…

…I am sorry. The script for this bit of my life never arrived. I never even saw the first draft. In fact I never even saw the email telling me this was in my diary. It just happened.

So in other, other news, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. But in the meantime I am reminded that, as ever, sometimes #shifthappens

Be a starfish…


Blackbird Trailer for @pilot_theatre

17 Oct

– Educational Resources – Blackbird – free – from @pilot_theatre

10 Oct



This education pack has been prepared for Pilot Theatre by Helen Cadbury. It is released under a Creative Commons license, so you may print, distribute and quote from it but you must always attribute it to Helen and Pilot Theatre. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Creative Commons Licence

Blackbird Education Pack by Helen Cadbury for Pilot Theatre is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



The Umbrella Project – Storify @umbrellaproject

10 Oct

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The Umbrella Project – Google Maps – @umbrellaproject @hannahnicklin with @pilot_theatre

5 Oct
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New – Audioboo @pilot_theatre update October 2011

4 Oct