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At the Adelphi in Blackburn

27 Nov

The term ‘bus replacement service’ when you arrive at a train station on a Sunday has the ability to make time stand still.

Waiting across the road for the bus in The Adelphi here in Blackburn has made this Sunday feel like the Sundays of my childhood. – Interminable and empty. Time standing still indeed.

The bus to Hebden Bridge to pick up the train to York is going to be long and cold.

Looking forward to getting home after what has seemed like a recent run of endless travel.

Looking forward to some time when a ‘bus replacement service’ is no longer required.

A busy week ahead with two talks to give tomorrow as well as funding meetings, casting sessions and a Board meeting. Will spend the time on the replacement service making notes and catching up on the papers.

See you on the other side….of the Pennines


Changes… Blogpost

26 Nov



In August my Dad died

In September my Wife started a new job in Cambridge

In October my daughter moved down to be with her, and changed schools.

In November we bought a house where they could live there.

I moved the furniture in on my own.

Then my dad’s old car was vandalised and set on fire outside the house in York.

In York the nine damp walls were being repaired on the house.

This took two months.

I am now back in York. They walls are sorted and have been freshly painted.

My front door is now a different colour.

I was in Korea for a week when I came back. It is was blue.

There have been a lot of changes recently.

In December we go into prep for shooting a film in January.

This means December will be very full on. Indeed. Of course.

This year has been full of surprises, shocks, twists and turns.

The things I have learnt from all these things? To roll with the punches and try to keep standing up.

To write stuff down, to keep busy.

I am writing this in my childhood home in Blackburn as I am spending this weekend with my mum.

She has just got a new knee. On her right leg.

She too is just trying to stand up.

It is what we all need to try to do.

Good Times @christyromer2 is in the house :)

20 Nov

All four of us have managed to be all be in the same house for one night



Wheels down MCR

20 Nov

Landed after 17 hours in the air to a wet, but very welcome Manchester.

Heading back across the M62 to York now. Bed is calling but a few more travels to do yet.


PS I am not driving! 🙂

At Dubai Airport in the middle of the night…

20 Nov

There is something I can do. Share some black and white pictures I took whilst in Seoul…


Kersten entering through the gate of Changdeokgung Palace – a UNESCO world heritage site


The reverse view of one of the Palace Temples


Heading across the squares


A tiled wall on the underground


Riding the tube…




A day of discovery and good signs – Art and Seoul

19 Nov


Kersten England at the LG stand – a good sign indeed


A good way not to get out of the Subway


A good lunch choice?


Or maybe a better option?


If you need cake there is an Emergency number – always a good sign


This Restaurant is really hot…


A place that we didn’t go in. Unfortunately


Or here either. Fortunately






Live from #Seoul to #Yorkbizweek

18 Nov

Here we are live from Seoul talking to the leader of the Council of the City of York, Cllr James Alexander, as part of the York Business week. We were reporting back about the business and trade meetings we had – as well as the report on the UNESCO conference.


We did go live, and we managed to speak, but  half way through the connection dropped. We restarted at our end and we were live again but unfortunately time was against them at the conference and we couldn’t re-join them. We got feedback though that people did see us and it helped with the new International Strategy that was being launched at the event  by James for the City Council – We were definitely putting into action the global reach and aspirations of the City in a meaningful and direct way.


Temples, Tranquility, Trains and Talks… #Seoul Searching

18 Nov

Today was  a day when we headed from the CEOX Centre and into town. We had a meeting at The Seoul Tourism Bureau, but before that we had time to visit the beautifullly tranquil temple across the busy highway near the hotel.


We went inside the first temple


and across the quiet courtyard


to the next one


until we reached our final destination at the top of the hill


A tranquil haven from the bustle of the City. Which we headed back into for our meeting via the underground subway train


Very busy, and very crowded…


But the view from our meeting gave us some fresh air and space.


Before we headed back to the hotel as it was getting dark


Past the street food vendors


And newly decorated stores with Christmas lights


To get back to the hotel to the Business Centre where we booked the skype call to speak to York Business week’s conference at FERA in York






A taste of today – #Seoul Food

18 Nov

Downtown in the old part of the City we caught up with the hustle and bustle of the street food stalls.


Been to a peaceful Temple this afternoon #Seoul

18 Nov

Been a busy day today – a trip to the tourism ministry, a skype live link to York Business week – and a live Radio York interview – from Korea

A time out in the Temple across the road from the hotel was a welcome breather