4 hours ahead… #Dubai airport #UNESCOconf

14 Nov


Here at the Dubai terminal – we are just catching up with work emails, tweets and skype messages  – well I would be if our email wasn’t down. Managed to Skype the office and speak to Sarah and Mandy.

Kersten and I have both taken the opportunity of working through the programme and details for the UNESCO conference and have looked at the presentation. We will have to create a small production line when we arrive to put all the relevant gifts, documents, and literature in the right bags for our hosts in Seoul.

We are now in the departure lounge at the enormous Dubai Airport hub where we have a wait until the connecting flight at 03.30 in the morning here.

We then have another 8 hours flying time to Korea, and when we arrive we will go straight to the Embassy for a meeting. So a change of clothes at some point on route will be required by me. I have a spare shirt squashed into my laptop bag so will have to at some point work my way into that in the loo on board. Comedy potential will be high I fear.

We are both looking forward to the opportunities the conference has to offer. We will also be visiting LG HQ on Friday as well as skyping in to York Business Week for their Conference at FERA on Friday to speak to James Alexander.

So far the journey has been amazing – the service on board the Emirates jet was second to none.

I will be blogging and posting on this for the duration of our visit and using the hashtag #UNESCOconf



2 Responses to “4 hours ahead… #Dubai airport #UNESCOconf”

  1. Amanda J Smith November 15, 2011 at 11:39 am #

    As ever the posterous is a great way for us back in York (and Pilot Glasgow this week!) to keep upto date as to how things are going with other members of the team way out east! Sounds good so far …

  2. Tracy Mosley November 15, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    Good luck with it all – I’ll be following your progress!

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