Seoul Food – day before the start of the #UNESCOconf

15 Nov


Arrived at the hotel. After the final leg of the flight. 10 degrees C here, and leaves are falling from the trees. It is Autumn.

The view is amazing, we are 9 hours ahead here from the UK – which meant that we have pretty much wiped out Tuesday. We landed at 6pm here – (9am UK time) and headed straight out to our meeting at The British Embassy.

We had dinner with our host, Dominic McAllister who heads up the Economic, Climate and Science division for the Embassy here in Seoul. It was great to get the lowdown on all the latest information from their perspective, and to also enjoy a traditional Korean meal.

There were four types of soup, five types of mushroom and several versions of noodles – Some were warm, some were cold and some were hidden in the soup. The pickled veg work well, and the chrysanthemum tea was extraordinary.

We then headed back to the hotel where we checked in just after 10pm. Collected our bags and headed off. The hotel has 30 floors, wifi, and the UNESCO conference starts from here at 9am tomorrow (Wednesday)

We will be assembling our promo bags in the morning before we start the first session.

Tired now. I know it is only 2pm back in the UK. But here we are nearly into tomorrow. Dear world – you owe me a Tuesday. I will book one for next week.


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