We’ve got Seoul… #UNESCOconf

16 Nov

Outside the COEX Conference Centre – where we spent the day today. A chance to meet the 26 Creative Cities and the other applicant cities

Had conversations today with people from Buenos Aires, Berlin, Glasgow, St Etienne, Sapporo, Shenzhen, Edinburgh, Santa Fe, Antalya, Dublin, Seoul, Paris, Melbourne, Montreal, Kentucky, and loads more…

I have tons of business cards and I have worn a hard hat to go on a tour of the new Design Centre being built here at the cost of $4.1bn. It was a long tour. The Centre will be enormous.

I have eaten small little fishes that I thought were noodles, and had asparagus, bacon and shrimp dim sum for breakfast.

I have been up for 18 hours now. I may not be making coherent sense to anyone but myself now. So I am going to head to bed – it is nearly Thursday in a couple of minutes.

We have a presentation to do tomorrow. I will choose an alternative breakfast in the morning. Fresh fruit.

That will be a good idea. I will post a picture of Kersten and myself wearing blue hard hats if we get a couple of likes to this post…

It’s up to you…

That’s all folks



One Response to “We’ve got Seoul… #UNESCOconf”

  1. Simon November 17, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    Marcus, all sounds really positive! You’re both doing a great job for the city in York Business Week…Bring home those new partnerships (and the bacon…)Keep up those energy levels!Look forward to seeing the hard hats pics and hearing you skype in at the Biz Conf at FERA….Simon

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