Temples, Tranquility, Trains and Talks… #Seoul Searching

18 Nov

Today was  a day when we headed from the CEOX Centre and into town. We had a meeting at The Seoul Tourism Bureau, but before that we had time to visit the beautifullly tranquil temple across the busy highway near the hotel.


We went inside the first temple


and across the quiet courtyard


to the next one


until we reached our final destination at the top of the hill


A tranquil haven from the bustle of the City. Which we headed back into for our meeting via the underground subway train


Very busy, and very crowded…


But the view from our meeting gave us some fresh air and space.


Before we headed back to the hotel as it was getting dark


Past the street food vendors


And newly decorated stores with Christmas lights


To get back to the hotel to the Business Centre where we booked the skype call to speak to York Business week’s conference at FERA in York






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