Changes… Blogpost

26 Nov



In August my Dad died

In September my Wife started a new job in Cambridge

In October my daughter moved down to be with her, and changed schools.

In November we bought a house where they could live there.

I moved the furniture in on my own.

Then my dad’s old car was vandalised and set on fire outside the house in York.

In York the nine damp walls were being repaired on the house.

This took two months.

I am now back in York. They walls are sorted and have been freshly painted.

My front door is now a different colour.

I was in Korea for a week when I came back. It is was blue.

There have been a lot of changes recently.

In December we go into prep for shooting a film in January.

This means December will be very full on. Indeed. Of course.

This year has been full of surprises, shocks, twists and turns.

The things I have learnt from all these things? To roll with the punches and try to keep standing up.

To write stuff down, to keep busy.

I am writing this in my childhood home in Blackburn as I am spending this weekend with my mum.

She has just got a new knee. On her right leg.

She too is just trying to stand up.

It is what we all need to try to do.

One Response to “Changes… Blogpost”

  1. Anonymous at 12:45 pm #

    your friends are standing with you…

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