At the Adelphi in Blackburn

27 Nov

The term ‘bus replacement service’ when you arrive at a train station on a Sunday has the ability to make time stand still.

Waiting across the road for the bus in The Adelphi here in Blackburn has made this Sunday feel like the Sundays of my childhood. – Interminable and empty. Time standing still indeed.

The bus to Hebden Bridge to pick up the train to York is going to be long and cold.

Looking forward to getting home after what has seemed like a recent run of endless travel.

Looking forward to some time when a ‘bus replacement service’ is no longer required.

A busy week ahead with two talks to give tomorrow as well as funding meetings, casting sessions and a Board meeting. Will spend the time on the replacement service making notes and catching up on the papers.

See you on the other side….of the Pennines


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