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Pictures of 2012 – a tree with lights on

29 Jan

Against a brick wall – a tree with sparkly lights on in January will always lift spirits, especially when they blend in with the starry night sky…


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – #LLDR

26 Jan

Can you see the logo? can you scan and find the starting line…

Day one – screen test – #TKTKM

26 Jan


Producer Tom Mattinson on set for the test shoot for The Knife That Killed Me

The Red Epic arrives and Shadow takes notes #TKTKM

25 Jan


Bin is checking the Red camera, Shadow takes notes and Kit and Tom look at the schedule…

Looking into a Green Screen world from the gallery #TKTKM

25 Jan

At Highfield Studios today as the Green Screen infinity curve is now complete.

We are now testing the Red Epic…

Pictures of 2012

21 Jan

Swan protection is taken very seriously in these parts

Tom Mattinson morphing into me at a script meeting for #TKTKM

18 Jan


At a TKTKM script meeting…we are all morphing into each other


Pictures of 2012 – a shed with a catflap door

15 Jan

Outside the back door is a shed with a catflap door.

I am working towards writing my first Cowbird story and at the moment I am taking black and white pictures of things that catch my eye in January 2012

Cowbird is the new online story platform created by Jonathan Harris, who spoke about this at Shift Happens 3

I am looking at the programming for Shift Happens Episode IV – A New Hope which will run on July 5th 2012


Pictures of 2012 – Liverpool Playhouse

14 Jan

A meeting here in early January…

New Drama on Demand iPods for @pilot_theatre

13 Jan

We have now got our new branded iPods to deliver our Drama on Demand programme.

Just working in the wireless transmitter and headphones and we will be ready to launch on Monday January 23rd

Exciting times 🙂