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Things I have learned – when you make new stuff happen

31 Mar

1 people will tell you it can’t be done

2 some people will ask you what the point is
3 some other people get what you are on about
4 some other people have never got what you were ever on about

5 some people will actively help you
6 some people will have an interest in seeing that it won’t work
7 those people sometimes try to block you

8 some people will take time to get it. Then embrace it
9 some of those people then claim it was their idea all along

10 by that time you are already making new stuff

11 and then the same from 1-10 applies again
12 it is more fun making new stuff happen

13 the people you end up working with do better things
14 we all end up doing better things
15 it is worth the setbacks, put downs and the hassle
16 make new things happen


Show them you can – if you don’t – you only have yourself to blame


Shift Happens


Kit and Jane take a break in the sun #TKTKM

30 Mar



At the Production meeting at Green Screen Studios yesterday – Script Supervisor Jane Simon and Kit Monkman take a break from the table during our 8 hour full day meeting.

We start rehearsing on Monday April 2nd. More soon…

First Production Meeting for #TKTKM

29 Mar

The table is set and the Heads of Department are here. We are on it now…

Speakers announced – for #shifthappens on July 5th at York Theatre Royal @pilot_theatre

28 Mar


So far we have on board…

Clay Shirky – Professor of New Media at NYU – Author of ‘Cognitive Surplus’ & ‘Here Comes Everybody’ – Live from New York
Lyn Gardner – Blogger – Guardian Theatre Critic – Author of 5 novels – The ‘Olivia’ stories
Bill Thompson – BBC Click broadcaster – writer and presenter – a hack and a pundit…
Sam West – Actor, Director, Writer and speaker
John Knell– Intelligence Agency – Speaker – provocateur
Mariann Hardey – Associate Director for the Centre for Communication University of Durham
Daniel Bye
– Writer – Director – Performer – developing #TAG2012 with Dan Rebellato
Rachel Coldicutt – Co-founder of Caper, and previously Head of Digital Media at the Royal Opera House. Founder of Culture Hack, digital strategist and maker
Dick Penny– Director of Watershed, Bristol, Chair of Bristol Old Vic – he is a connector and provocateur in shaping the Arts in the Digital space.
Laura Sillars– Is Artistic Director of Site Gallery, Sheffield – a recent recipient of NESTA/AHRC/ACE Digital Innovation funding
Peter Gregson  Cellist and Composer who plays a Colin Irving acoustic cello and a custom five string Eric Jensen electric cello. He is an Eventide Artist and an Apogee Electronics Artist.
Rebekka Kill – Head of School at The Leeds School of Art, Architecture and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University will present a deeply autobiographical account of her obsession with music and her, more recent, obsession with social media. The parallels between these two will be explored using music and played on DJ decks. – “Facebook is like Disco, and Twitter is like Punk.”
Herb Kim – Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Herb Kim has lived in the UK since 1997. He lives in Liverpool and works in Gateshead. He is perhaps best known as the Founder & Host of the Thinking Digital Conference
Honor Harger – is a curator interested in art and technology, and the director of Lighthouse, a digital culture agency in Brighton
Dave Moutrey – CEO of the new build GMAC in Manchester – The new Cultureplex that will be the home for Cornerhouse and the Library Theatre
– The new ‘York’ start-up created by Matt Freckleton – focusing on social media outputs and aggregation of data
Henry Raby – Poetry – spoken word artist – Letters from ‘The Man to The Boy’
Chris Thorpe – Artist – Writer – performer – Live from Lisbon
Manjit Kaur – Number one Chaat Station – all day – Manjit’s Kitchen – will provide Punjabi vegetarian ‘cones’ for your delight

Marcus Romer – Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre will curate and introduce the day

Music by  Emjay – vintage and classic selector, on the 45 vinyl. Resident “Stir it Up” Leeds




Family night in… #mac

25 Mar

Today has been mostly about lists and getting things sorted #blog

13 Mar


1 First checked that all was OK with this blog, as Posterous has been bought by Twitter.

2 It was all still there

3 Checked that the info about #TAG2012 was now out there in the public domain.

4 This is important for people to know about these goings on.

5 Shaved my head. This is not important but lead to a Pavlovoian repsonse later

6 Checked emails / FB messages / DM’s / @replies / sms messages / voicemails

7 In that order. Then set off to the #TKTKM office to meet Lisa – the PM for the movie

8 Met up with Kit and Tom – went through some script changes and cast details

9 Had some lunch – welsh rarebit if you are interested.

10 Made script changes

11 Booked a speaker for Shift Happens in the US

12 Replied to an offer to go to Argentina

13 Cut my lawn. (This is the Pavlovian response to point 5)

14 Responded to Stronger Together request in Edinburgh

15 Cleared email inbox of last 197 emails

16 Set up a meeting for the team to discuss The Space and Mysteries2012

17 Tried to find a cheap car for under £1000 and failed.

18 if anyone has a cheap car for under £1000 please let me know. Ta

19 Looked at a rehearsal schedule for next week

20 Confirmed with the BBC I will be presenting a Skype Talk next Tuesday for the digicap Arts day

21 Sorted out a research school visit for the designer for this Thursday via Twitter

22 Had a fish pie for my supper if anyone is remotely bothered. And broccoli

23 Cleared laundry basket / got new bedding / domestic stuff – (That was dull)

24 Set up a crowd source request for speaker ideas for Shift Happens

25 This event will be on July 5th and goes on sale on April 4th

26 Carried on with three year vison plan for Pilot.

27 Will finish it tomorrow. And send it out

28 Backed up my hard drive and had a bath

29 That is all

30 Wrote a blog about a list – which was rather pointless – but one day will be a useful reminder to me that when I say, what was an average workday like in 2012, I will still have no idea.



Inside the VFX studio for #TKTKM

13 Mar

At the office in York – pre prep time countdown now

#longrun2012 A new show for @pilot_theatre

7 Mar


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

by Alan Sillitoe

Adapted by Roy Williams

Sept 2012…

Mini Me

5 Mar

This arrived today courtesy of Millie and Susie…good work! Needs to go on tour now…

York / Bubwith / Cambridge / London

And Blackburn tomorrow!!


Thanks guys


A downstairs Panorama…

4 Mar

Just playing with the new Panorama 360 photo app – and seeing how things work when sent to my blog.

Sunday Morning – downstairs – dog on the sofa kind of day