Today has been mostly about lists and getting things sorted #blog

13 Mar


1 First checked that all was OK with this blog, as Posterous has been bought by Twitter.

2 It was all still there

3 Checked that the info about #TAG2012 was now out there in the public domain.

4 This is important for people to know about these goings on.

5 Shaved my head. This is not important but lead to a Pavlovoian repsonse later

6 Checked emails / FB messages / DM’s / @replies / sms messages / voicemails

7 In that order. Then set off to the #TKTKM office to meet Lisa – the PM for the movie

8 Met up with Kit and Tom – went through some script changes and cast details

9 Had some lunch – welsh rarebit if you are interested.

10 Made script changes

11 Booked a speaker for Shift Happens in the US

12 Replied to an offer to go to Argentina

13 Cut my lawn. (This is the Pavlovian response to point 5)

14 Responded to Stronger Together request in Edinburgh

15 Cleared email inbox of last 197 emails

16 Set up a meeting for the team to discuss The Space and Mysteries2012

17 Tried to find a cheap car for under £1000 and failed.

18 if anyone has a cheap car for under £1000 please let me know. Ta

19 Looked at a rehearsal schedule for next week

20 Confirmed with the BBC I will be presenting a Skype Talk next Tuesday for the digicap Arts day

21 Sorted out a research school visit for the designer for this Thursday via Twitter

22 Had a fish pie for my supper if anyone is remotely bothered. And broccoli

23 Cleared laundry basket / got new bedding / domestic stuff – (That was dull)

24 Set up a crowd source request for speaker ideas for Shift Happens

25 This event will be on July 5th and goes on sale on April 4th

26 Carried on with three year vison plan for Pilot.

27 Will finish it tomorrow. And send it out

28 Backed up my hard drive and had a bath

29 That is all

30 Wrote a blog about a list – which was rather pointless – but one day will be a useful reminder to me that when I say, what was an average workday like in 2012, I will still have no idea.



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