Day 2 #TKTKM @tktkmfilm blogpost

11 Apr


Day two on The Knife That Killed Me…

Now we are not able to show any photos from the green screen set and the set ups and costumes and design. Everything needs to get approved by Universal.

Which is totally fair enough.

But this is the rehearsal room next door to the set…

We work in there with the actors then move through into the green screen infinity curve studio.

It means that we can keep the performances fresh and alive before we go in and shoot the scenes we have just rehearsed.

Today we have finished half of the Roth Bates and Miller scenes – two more sections tomorrow.

Working with Kit Monkman who is heading up the visuals with Tom Wexler – from KMA, we are able to piece together the shots we need to be able to edit together in post.

Without a doubt the linchpin of the team is our Producer, Thomas Mattinson who is able to deliver the shots and passes we need to cover for the VFX team. He holds the database in the palm of his hand. Or rather the iPad in his hand. Without this the shot list and passes needed would take much deciphering indeed…

So we head in with our acting team for each set up into a room filled at times with up to 40 other people – all of whom are working on the project in all the design, lx, camera, sound, VFX, make up, costume and production departments.

It is akin to being in a permanent ‘tech run’ in theatre – where people are firing questions that need answers straight away. Decisions are made – about everything all the time…

Shot construction, make up choices, props, set items, lighting, performance choices, costume decisions, continuity, position of the sun at the time of day, and hundreds of others.

The actors and the production team have been amazing. We have covered a lot of ground and have much more to uncover in the coming days.

So, what does it feel like? Well, It is a perma-tech and it lasts for 30 days. Oh yes and days start on set at 7.30am…

I have never felt so exhausted, invigorated, challenged and so alive for a long time…

More later…as prep for day three needs to be done now…


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