Day 3 #TKTKM Things we did today blog

12 Apr



Things the team did today…

1. Got hold of Air traffic Control at Leeds Bradford Airport

2. Smashed the Roth, Bates Miller and Paul  scenes

3. Seriously. Hats off to Jack, Jamie, Andy and Kerron. Smashed it.

4. Had to stop for sound. On several occasions.

5. Not because we were at fault.

6. But because there was a light aircraft doing stunts.

7. Above the studio

8. That is why we got hold of Air Traffic Control

9. They got hold of the Pilot by his radio

10. He stopped doing stunts above the studio

11. So we were then able to do both nos. 2 and 3

12. We had an early start and finished on schedule at 5.30 on the set.

13. We cast some of the SA’s today

14. We are casting for more tomorrow.

15. We managed to get the internet to speak to us after it had been a bit shy yesterday

16. Juggled the schedule and hit a piece of set very hard

17. Used a camera pod for the first time

18. Drunk fruity tea most of the day

19. Located the balsamic dressing as well as the Tomato Ketchup and Brown sauce

20. Managed to erect a shelter gazebo in this windy outpost of Yorkshire


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