Day 4 #TKTKM Collaboration is key blog

14 Apr


Thomas, Tom and Kit watching the monitor…

This film is being made in a completely new way. New in the fact that there are always four of us making the key decisons. This is not the way things are normally done. This is the only way this can be done.

Producer Thomas Mattinson has provided all the information that has been fed into the database we need to be able to piece the shots together. These shots have been preplanned with him, Tom Wexler (VFX) Kit Monkman and myself.

There are several live action passes on each scene that will eventually be composited together to create the screen image. This means that we sometimes need to shoot with the actors working separately from each other. So the rehearsal and performances of the actors have to connect and work together over several shot passes.

The VFX team are in the studio all the time and we are able to ‘live key’and also reposition items into shot that fit in with previous passes that we have already shot. Sounds complex? It is. Which is why four heads are better that one in this project.

This is new. This means collaboration on all levels and at all times. Not just for us, but for all the departments across the project.

The database has been created specially for the project by the VFX team. This is a unique and invaluable way of monitoring, documenting, and then re-accessing all the information we need to pull the images together – with sound, CGI and live action passes.

Making new stuff is exciting, unknown, challenging, tiring but ultimately, exhilarating. The cast and crew have been amazing in coming on board with this and getting up to speed with this new way of working in such a short period of time.

So back to the script and database for me, so I can prepare for the work next week. There are 9 live action passes on scene 38 which is first up on Monday at 9am. So I will be in from 7am and rehearsing from 8am.

Til later…


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