Day 5 in the #TKTKM studio – ‘Freaks’ Lunch’

16 Apr


A break from the studio at lunchtime – we had the Freaks in today. So working with 12 of the acting team to put together the intro and lunch sequence of scenes 38 and 96 which we got completed.

A total of 24 shots today which is some going. We have one shot to pick up tomorrow as our actor playing Billy will be back in with us on Tuesday. A big thanks to the cast who stayed so cool during the multi-pass work we did to build up each section. Great work indeed, and it looks amazing as the VFX team were able to composite the passes into a live keyed image for us to work with on each set up.

So a well deserved lunch break in what turned out to be a very warm and sunny canteen area – as it was especially busy with 47 of us in today.

Doing the prep for the scenes tomorrow which include the Roth’s gang and Freak’s exchange by the wall (scene 131) and The Paul and Billy scene (133) – which are 8 pages of dialogue and action.

We welcome back Mr Boyle for scene 131 and I have just read on the call sheet that there will be 52 for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Busy times!

Another early start so back to the database for the shot list and the action breakdown, and in rehearsal from 8am.



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