Day 7 in the #TKTKM studio – A Day and a Half…

18 Apr


Over the shoulder shot of Roth…who is played by Jamie Shelton…taken by Andrew Ellis (Bates) caught us up today. We did a day and a half today – in a day…and what a day. Again a big thanks to the whole cast and crew for getting us across the line  – without crossing the line…

Three completed scenes and a pick up from yesterday. A full day tomorrow and we welcome onto the green screen Sarah Baxendale who is playing Shane’s mum.

Back to the prep tonight after half watching the football – and looking at the shots we have to complete for the Shane’s basement scenes. So the floor at 7am so see you then.

And I will leave you with a great picture taken by Haruka Abe, Who is playing Serena that she posted today on twitter.


Check the hashtag #TKTKM – most stuff is on there…

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