Day 9 #TKTKM end of week 2…

21 Apr


Lining up the shot on the screen – in the VFX line behind the set – a scene with Alfie Stewart as Stevie, Jack McMullen as Paul, Josh Brown as Billy, Richard Crehan as Kirk, and Rosie Goddard as Maddy.

We were able to complete all the shots and I have to say that the cast have been amazing all week. As the whole process is like being in a permanent technical run – where decisions about costume, make-up, continuity, shot positions and multiple passes and takes are taken all the time. – and all this in a studio with an infinity curve – which means you can’t see where the wall starts and the floor ends – means that brain orientation and focus are paramount – and in a room where there are sometimes upt to 35 people – is a big ask.

The whole effect is extraordinary and the perfromances and images and footage we are getting are really looking very exciting indeed.

We are able to see a rough assembly of the rushes each day as we have an edit suite above the studio. This means we are able to check the coverage and the work we have done almost instantly.

The VFX team are on the floor the whole time and we are able to work in some live keys from the green screen straight away as you can see in the lining up shot here. These act as guides for us on the floor and we can ensure that angles and positions are covered when we shoot each section.

I am learning loads. We all are. This is new stuff. Not just for the actors, but for the whole team. So again as we enter our third week we have been able to find our way of moving through the complexities of the shoot with our ever growing knowlege that comes from working on a new creative project.

Wer have had some press in this week as we are building the EPK


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