Day 10 #TKTKM – Happy Mondays…

23 Apr


Well an early start. A 5am alarm call to be precise. Heading to the studio for a long day. It is about 8pm now and it feels as if i have been up for ever. One of those days where were were turning the action through 180 degrees, mirror imaging the action and moving the camera and working out where and at what point where we had crossed the line. We found a good solution. Take a photo of the original action from the camera point with a digital camera. Flip the image horizontally, then turn the resultant image upside down. Et voila – the solution as to where the actors need to now stand. Unless we have moved the camera more than 180 degrees from its original position…

Got it? Well our brains did ache a bit – as of course in an all green space, with the set then removed…it all becomes a mind puzzle. But – we did finish the shot schedule today, and we did pick up an extra shot. So all in all a happy Monday…even if at times it was also a manic one.

Tomorrow we are having our stunt co-ordinator up again. We are setting up a new green studio for him to rehearse with his stunt actors to prepare our cast later in the week.

I will be putting the History lesson to the test as we shoot the Mr Boyle classroom scene – I have marked out the chaisr in the dance studio and the real desks and chairs are on the green.

They are all numbered and we have a good shot list plan on the database. So we will build the whole sequence up in layers.

Now, where did I put all those post it notes as they are vital to the action? Oh yes on the back of the rehearsal chairs. Wish me luck….!


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