Day 12 #TKTKM and @tktkmfilm – Is it still Wednesday?

25 Apr


Well, it must be, as there are sausages on the menu…

Only, ths time. quality leek and pork – high quality bangers. Hence Haruka Abe’s firm and positive grin on set today as we broke for lunch.

It was great to have Maddy (Rosie Goddard) and Serena (Haruka Abe) back in the studio today. We managed to get finished on both the Mr Boyle and Mrs Eel scenes today.

We welcomed onto the green Andrina Carroll as Mrs Eel – and she was brilliant today – and brought the scene with Paul’s fall to the floor to life today. So a big thanks to Andrina.

Again,  we are now almost halfway through our shoot schedule. It is great fun and following on from the rather splendid fajitas cooked by Masterchef Jack McMullen, ( who was trending on twitter tonight as Waterloo Road went out…) we were treated to a a Wexler Balti house special. So the communal cooking is really working out well. Although at some point we got waylaid into a certain Producer’s obsession with trying to find 80’s music on his ipod, when really his eclectic tastes spanned frm the 70”s to the 90’s and beyond…

A full on day with a great supporting background cast – who fitted in and worked with our cast so well today. So again again a big thanks to al 70 of you today who helped us make some serious shift happen…

More tomorrow, as ever, and we are looking forward to welcoming Goddo’s gang onto the greemn and to work with our stunt team in the – what has become known as – The Ninja Lounge…

Again, a full day tomorrow – bring on the treadmill / bed / fight shots…



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