Day 13 #TKTKM with @oliverlee1 @reecedouglas1 and @tomcollins_uk

26 Apr


The boys are back in town – well at least for today as they were put through their paces with Stunt co-ordinator Philip d’Orleans and his team.

Having shot the sick-bay scene Oliver Lee (Shane) joined Reece (Mickey) and Tom (Tariq) for a break. It was great to have them back on board again, and also to catch up with Charles Mnene too who is playing Goddo.

Here is a picture of Charles on his first training session with the stunt team in the the new studio we have now called the Ninja Lounge…


We are now at the halfway point in the shoot. Hard to believe in many ways I know. We are gearing up for a big week next week and an even bigger day tomorrow, This will be our busiest so far with over 70 people in and working tomorrow.

I am also looking forward to welcoming Mandy Smith, Katie Posner and Tom Bellerby from Pilot Theatre in – it will be great to see them when they join us for lunch.

So, homework done, shot lists gone through on the database, and an early night for me.

The rest of the team have gone out either playing football or bowling or both. There are a few of us back here in A block who are taking advantage of a quiet night in…

For those new onto the blog here – you can catch up with the whole backstory on here

til tomorrow…


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