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A week on – viewing the rough cut #TKTKM – It’s all green to me!

26 May


Well it is – as you can see…here I am working with Jamie Shelton (Roth) Andrew Ellis (Bates) and Kerron Darby (Miller) on the floor of the green screen studio – (Thanks to Ben Louden and Catherine Slater) for the pic by the way

The first roughcut and assembly has been done. A week after we finished shooting. Amazing really and a big thanks to Joshua Callis-Smith for putting it together. Seeing the work you have created over the last 6 weeks in the studio and it all being put in the right order is fantastic.

In terms of the process – the nearest feeling I can describe to you is the one where in a theatre rehearsal you do the run for the tech team in the rehearsal room at the end of week three. The set isn’t there and all the sound hasn’t been mixed – and there is no score or transition sequences.

The reasons for this are that of course we are seeing all the shots cut against the green walls of the studio. So of course there is no ‘set’ in place. The post production will provide the visual language, the world and the spaces in which these scenes inhabit.

What it enables you to focus on are the performances and the story, and how this is told over the 90 minutes of the movie. It is fascinating and really rewarding. I can say without any shadow of doubt that it works, tells the story and the performances are excellent.

So the process begins now of sound editing, picture editing, keying the scenes from the green, the visual worlds of the story will be created and the layers of the story can be laid down and built up on.

The VFX team have a lot of work to do of course, and alongside fellow director Kit Monkman, I will be looking forward to building this into shape. So it is now in the hands of the four of us to steer that process – that is Tom Mattinson (Producer) Tom Wexler (VFX) and Kit and myself.

We will keep you posted about the journey and the build as it progresses.

But for now it is good to be able to take some creative time away from the sharp end, and to keep thinking about the story, the narrative arc, and how we can make that come to life for a new audience, only this time – on screen.

til later



5 bedroom house for sale in The Old Village, Huntington, YORK, YO32

23 May

The plan…
I need a flat in York
We don’t need two houses…
This is for sale…

Day 27 #TKTKM – ‘Wind Reel And Print’ that’s a WRAP…

19 May


The last day. A long day – we just worked with the team and our lead actor Jack McMullen today. We were able to link all the shot scenes together and for his character Paul Varderman to be able to connect the story dots and create the links.

As you can see part of the team in the studio here before we headed out to the wrap party. I have just been going through the credits list and already we are well over 120 people involved thus far in the project to thank and credit.

A big thanks to all who have made this shoot possible and to those who are continuing with Kit, Tom and me on the journey to deliver this from now onwards.

I have watched a full assembly today and we are on track to make something very special indeed. And in anticipation of that here is a celebratory view of Reece Dinsdale and Jack McMullen as Paul and his Dad, Denny Varderman on set…





Day 26 #TKTKM

17 May

It’s nearing the end now…

Day 25 #TKTKM lunchtime activity

16 May

John Cooper our fab Camera Op takes time our to play the piano during our lunch hour.

It is a joy to take time out to listen to him play – as I take a rather shaky hand held tour from the rehearsal room into the studio and past the prep room – where we meet our Designer, Catherine Chapman and David on a props hunt…

#multi-talented crew and cast




What price your soul? DJ @Jack_Mcmullen ruling the decks at #Wexlers #TKTKM

14 May

Monday night means one thing. Wexler’s is open – and we are throwing the arrows – putting air in our drinks and – working the room


Behind the green door…Day 24 #TKTKM

14 May

Today was Paul’s dad’s old house. And Paul’s dad was played brilliantly today by Reece Dinsdale who joined us for his first day on the Green. A great day – with three scenes in the can – or on the hard drive – and looking forward to working with Jack and Reece all day tomorrow


Day 23 #TKTKM some goodbyes…and some welcomes…

12 May


A funny old business this. We said goodbye to several of our principal actors today after their four weeks on the shoot. So here are Jamie Shelton and Andrew Ellis in the rehearsal room with a cup of tea before their last scene. It is a with a heavy heart that we bade farewell to them and Rosie Goddard, Haruka Abe, Alfie Stewart, Josh Brown, Kerron Darby, Oliver Lee, Richard Crehan, Tom Collins, Reece Douglas, Charles Mnene, Millie Romer and Josh Benson. They have been an amazing cast and all have worked so hard on this project.

Since our rehearsals which were over five weeks ago this has been a very tight knit and close group who have worked hard and supported each other as a true ensemble.  This has felt like a true company that have been working together for a long time – in the same way that a theatre company do after a long project or tour. I have learnt a lot from working with them, and have enjoyed the process immensely. The work they have done has been truly breathtaking. So a big thankyou from us all for all your hard work.

So we are on the final week now, and we have some new welcomes – Sara Poyzer will be playing Mel, Paul’s Mum and Reece Dinsdale will be playing Paul’s Dad, Dennis Varderman. This is very exciting for us and we look forward to welcoming them onto the green from Monday.

So, as ever, Jack McMullen, who has been utterly amazing the whole way through as Paul will have his scenes with his parents as this part of our story concludes. His patience, skill and emotional energy are second to none, he brings out the best in every one he works with. He has been the lynchpin of this entire project and has truthfully and honestly brought this story to life. A seriously brilliant actor – thanks Jack.


(Jack McMullen (Paul) with John Cooper (camera) and Richard Crehan (Kirk)

I am looking forward to the scenes next week immensely.

We wrap next Thursday. Then the 70 or so people who have been in most days will pack up and leave the set…

Then post-production hits the ground running 🙂


Day 22 #TKTKM – a long day…

10 May

Jo and Tash – make up and hair geniuses who have sailed us through the busiest days of the shoot so far…

Motion Control? Emotion Control was what was needed today – and yep through the funeral scene they provided it…

The Knife That Killed Me


A tough day


The Shepherd’s Pie with added red knives and witch green screen potato #TKTKM

9 May

As made by our first AD – Paul Elkins – a genius on the green and in the kitchen…

A greenscreen feast for 20 hungry crew and team 🙂