Day 17 #TKTKM an actor prepares…

2 May


I have an immense amount of respect for actors. I know how hard they work and what it takes to deliver a performance in front of an audience.

Even in my, albeit limited, experience as a performer in theatre and on tv and film – I know the pressures that come to bear before a take, a first night, or an audition. So it is without any shadow of a doubt I can say how hard-working and committed this cast are. Not only about performing on cue, but in an environment that is hot, green, enclosed, with no recognisable orientation and in front of about 30 people at any one time all judging their technical positions, performance and timing.

So to capture a moment on the live key monitor of Charles Mnene as ‘Goddo’ as he prepares to deliver a speech right down the lens on a close up is one of those moments of pure concentration. After action was called he held his breath and instinctively we all did too, before he delivered his speech straight to us. The result was utterly breathtaking.

A very good and very busy day today – we shot 52 slates and turned over more than 100 times. I am reliably informed this is good going.

I will take that as a positive, and thank the whole team for working so hard – and like Charles we will all take another deep breath before we dive in again tomorrow.

It is fight week plus Anthony McGowan, the Bonding team and Universal are all in this week.

Onwards and Upwards…


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