Day 18 on the #TKTKM set with @jack_mcmullen and @j4shelton

3 May


Today was still part of fight week – and we were working on all the stunts in the screenplay.

A big thanks to Philip d’Orleans and his amazing team of stunt performers – who have coached and prepared all our acting team over the last two weeks in what has become known as the ‘Ninja Lounge’

Here we prepped the fights and brought the teams to the prep room and then into the studio.

We were able push through over 40 separate fight shots in succession over the last two days.

We also had the great pleasure of welcoming author Anthony McGowan into the studio today. Always good to get the person who wrote the novel into the room.

Having written the screenplay – and getting his approval what seems like ages ago – meant that we were all on the same page today which was really cool.

So a screengrab from the live-key monitor of Jack and Jamie (Paul and Roth) on the floor today.

Can’t tell you much more – Universal Pictures are in tomorrow looking at what we are doing and also a marketing and promotion discussion which is exciting indeed.

Another big day tomorrow – and we are shooting the last few scenes of the screenplay – so it will be an intense time for sure.

We have two more weeks of shooting left and this month has flown…

Have spent this evening catching up with emails and all the projects that are happening at Pilot Theatre – exciting times ahead with our next show – The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner…

Onwards and forever upwards ūüôā


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