Day 20 #TKTKM – A Producer and Production Manager after wrapping for the day

8 May

Day 20 in the studio today – busy, fun and full of laughs. FineTime Fontayne was in today playing Mr Frisco – so good times on the green today along with Andrina Carroll, Andy Dunn and Kath Dow-Blyton – and yes we did actually get some work done!

We completed our schedule and picked up some running shots with Rosie Goddard and Jack McMullen as Maddy and Paul.

After the day – some planning – re-scheduling. And the wonderful PM Lisa Iona and Producer Tom Mattinson are still working through the remaining shots and schedule. As ever, we are all indebted to their commitment to the project – without their continued hard work and energy we would all be having to play serious catch up. So a big thankyou to the Production team of Lisa, Nicola, Robbie, Scott and Matt.

We are planning a motion control day on Thursday – so we are repainting the floor of the studio tonight. This is going to be a fun Thursday.

We welcome onto the Green Natalie Gavin as Marlena and Millie Romer as Kirsty tomorrow morning.

Good scenes to shoot tomorrow – in the meantime – an evening at the Elk Inn and some football – washed down with some Malbec and Kester McLure’s chilli con carne.

Onwards – seven more shoot days to the wrap


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