Day 21 on #TKTKM for @tktkmfilm A Very Productive Day :)

9 May


A day to be proud of today. For lots of reasons…well 20 to be exact…

1 We completed the schedule with tread to spare
2 This meant we were able to use the time to get the Motion Control Techno-Dolly into the studio
3 Through the door.
4 So we only had to take a piece of the door frame off
5 This is a good thing.
6 It means that we can shoot all the sections tomorrow.
7 There are 79 people working tomorrow…
8 There are a lot of motion control scenes.
9 This is exciting.
10 I was a proud dad today (in other news)
11 As my daughter, Millie, played Kirsty in her scene today with Richard and Jack (see above pic)
12 Mel, our 2nd AD did a fab job in getting all the cast and Supporting Artists in for tomorrow at such short notice. Thanks Mel.
13 Mark Beasley turned up for lunch – go team Pilot!
14 We are nearly there with all final scenes planned
15 We said hello to Natalie Gavin who also aced it on the green today
16 And we said a big thanks and farewell to Richard Crehan – who has been such a brilliant Kirk. Thanks Rich – see you next Thursday.
17 The mashed potato was a triumph today with the chicken and red wine – #GoBuckles Catering!
18 We threw water over Jack McMullen for most of the day – as it was the raining sequence outside today
19 We all got our Hitchcock moment as we left the cinema today…
20 We are ready for the whole cast
Tomorrow and all the team now

Onwards and Upwards


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