Day 23 #TKTKM some goodbyes…and some welcomes…

12 May


A funny old business this. We said goodbye to several of our principal actors today after their four weeks on the shoot. So here are Jamie Shelton and Andrew Ellis in the rehearsal room with a cup of tea before their last scene. It is a with a heavy heart that we bade farewell to them and Rosie Goddard, Haruka Abe, Alfie Stewart, Josh Brown, Kerron Darby, Oliver Lee, Richard Crehan, Tom Collins, Reece Douglas, Charles Mnene, Millie Romer and Josh Benson. They have been an amazing cast and all have worked so hard on this project.

Since our rehearsals which were over five weeks ago this has been a very tight knit and close group who have worked hard and supported each other as a true ensemble.  This has felt like a true company that have been working together for a long time – in the same way that a theatre company do after a long project or tour. I have learnt a lot from working with them, and have enjoyed the process immensely. The work they have done has been truly breathtaking. So a big thankyou from us all for all your hard work.

So we are on the final week now, and we have some new welcomes – Sara Poyzer will be playing Mel, Paul’s Mum and Reece Dinsdale will be playing Paul’s Dad, Dennis Varderman. This is very exciting for us and we look forward to welcoming them onto the green from Monday.

So, as ever, Jack McMullen, who has been utterly amazing the whole way through as Paul will have his scenes with his parents as this part of our story concludes. His patience, skill and emotional energy are second to none, he brings out the best in every one he works with. He has been the lynchpin of this entire project and has truthfully and honestly brought this story to life. A seriously brilliant actor – thanks Jack.


(Jack McMullen (Paul) with John Cooper (camera) and Richard Crehan (Kirk)

I am looking forward to the scenes next week immensely.

We wrap next Thursday. Then the 70 or so people who have been in most days will pack up and leave the set…

Then post-production hits the ground running 🙂


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