The band for the start of platform11 final show #Plzen Czech Republic

18 Jun

A hot day – A premiere – soup and goulash for lunch – a band plays on – the first of three shows to see

We went to the opening that out Associate Tom Bellerby had directed with the Dutch Choreographer Lotte Lohrengel for Pilot Theatre

It was fabulous in a hot and steamy room with an audience of over 120 people we saw the ‘Time of Transition’ take place

Our Producer Mandy Smith and I watched the show whilst Sarah Seddon and Mark Beasley filmed the one hour performance. Go team Pilot!

The performers were Edward Wren for Pilot, from the UK, Eva Docolomanska from Slovakia, Giuditta Mingucci from Italy, Lies van der Wiel from Holland, and Peter Butkowsky from Slovakia.

Alongside designer Ilaria Ariemme also from Milan – the show was created in three weeks and worked across all the languages from the whole team.

The result was a captivating and enchanting piece of theatre – with very strong narrative and performances.

On the day when we also heard that Greece had voted to stay in the Euro and keep the union together – it was a joy to see this project reaffirm the strengths of collaboration, hard work and energy to make something that would have been impossible only a few years ago.

The fact that we are making work in this city and connecting with the other 11 countries who are part of this Platform 11 project – makes me feel proud as an artistic director of a company working in this way.

Seeing our young artists develop and grow as they make creative decisions with fellow artists is part of what we do,

Off to see more – more later


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