Back in Bubwith for #TKTKM ‘The Knife That Killed Me’

1 Jul

Last week we were all back in the studios. The reason? – we had just screened the first section of TKTKM at the screening room at the University of York TFTV Department, and then we headed to Bubwith to share this again with the team.

The screening was for Universal Pictures UK who had come up to see how the project was progressing. The screening went really well and it is a big thanks especially to all the visual effects team who had worked so hard to pull all the elements together for this.

It felt good to be back with Kit and Tom and to be talking about the creative elements of structuring the film in this post production process.

We are heading for completion this year, and it was an exciting moment to start the thoughts about the marketing and lead in prior to the launch.

We were also joined by Jack McMullen – who plays Paul and Jamie Shelton who plays Roth in the movie. Again great to see them and to catch up.

There is now a wikipedia page for TKTKM here

more later…


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