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Grantchester Meadows then The Orchard Tea Rooms

15 Jul


The tea room and orchard frequented by Rupert Brooke, E M Forster, Virginia Woolf, as well as Alan Turing, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath and A A Milne.

Today we ate scones and drank tea. In the sun.

It almost felt like summer…


But this is the right soundtrack…



In The Space – Everyone can hear you stream… #thespacearts #yorkmysteries

14 Jul


(With thanks to Bill Thompson for the title from his talk at #shifthappens )

So in the picture is Mark Beasley – our Digital Producer for @pilot_theatre on the site of the #YorkMysteries

Why you may ask? Well as part of The Space ( we will be delivering a six camera live feed live stream that you can interact with.

This will be on the weekend of August 10/11 and we have been working with Kinura behind the scenes since April to prepare for this.

The York Mysteries are taking place with a new production in the museum gardens in front of the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey throughout the whole of August.

This mammoth project involves a community cast and team of over 1000 people – a professional production team and has been in preparation for two years now.

Key partners are of course York Theatre Royal, Museums Trust, City Council, Riding Lights and of course Pilot Theatre with the livestream.

Pilot Theatre’s Associate Director, @katieposner has been working as an associate director on this too, and we as a team have been testing all the technology as part of our #PilotLive work on

So what are we going to do and why?
Well on the livestream weekend it will be possible to follow and watch the performance from a number of places. So from front of stage, backstage, overhead, and from the control desk. We will also have some remote and robot cameras that will move during the action.

On top of this you can choose which audio feed you want to hear. The stage action, with all the dialogue, singing and performances, or you could choose the production and cans feed from the DSM calling the show. Here you can hear all the cues, set ups and action points whilst watching the results as they happen live. Or you could have the audio described version of the events that are happening live on stage.

So yo can access all areas throughout the performance. The idea came from when I was watching a show in the main house at York Theatre Royal – and realising of course that you are free to watch wherever and whatever you want. Be that the follow spot operators, the audience, the action downstage right – or the lighting changes. So as a next iteration of the Idea of live performance we wanted to recreate this idea using multiple camera viewpoints.

So as a difference from say an NT Live stream where the decisions to which shot you will see have already been predetermined by a director – this gives you a greater sense of creative intervention and participation in the event. As of course the chatroom facility is still available to cross connect with fellow online audience members.

But this is not all. This is the start of the project – after the livestream – the footage will then still be available on the space site – where the view again option is still available – only now you will be able to drag and drop from the clips available into an audio timeline so you can choose your own bespoke version of the York Mysteries, by mixing the clips from the 6 cameras into your own version to watch back.

So you can watch the backstage journey for some clips, cut to the choral sections on stage and back to the control desk view…infinite possibilities

Which is what this project is all about. The next iteration of what iplayer might become, the interaction, participation and creative involvement of audiences, viewers and collaborators.

The Mystery Cycle traditionally had all sectors of the community playing their part in the delivery of the project for each other. The Guilds would collaborate and work together For this part of this amazing project we like to think of Pilot Theatre and Kinura belonging to the new Guild of Digital Livestreamers…

So as you can see Mark is scratching his head – and we are working out the optimal positions for the cameras and cables…

This is the start of this story – follow us @pilot_theatre and @thespacearts #mysteryplays for more info…

We are continuing to make shift happen….


The food at #shifthappens

13 Jul

York Theatre Royal along with Henshallwood’s deli did a sterling job last week. With breakfast and lunch

But it was Manjit’s Kitchen who stole the dinner honours – preparing fresh samosa and bhel puri in the rain was above and beyond the call of duty!

But hey, the results were superb and at the end of the sessions the sun came out and the wine was opened and yes – their food was amazing.

Book them – no seriously – just book them – they are fantastic

Thanks to Manjit and Emjay again


Live from NYC – Clay Shirky #shifthappens – #York #NewYork @cshirky

6 Jul

Here in York we hosted Shift Happens – Episode IV – A New Hope – a full day of talks / provocations / good coffee / good food / and people gathered together / with one shared aim – to make shift happen.

Here is Clay Shirky live from NYC talking to us / and answering our questions. A genuine ‘rock star’ of the interwebs. I was blown away by the generosity of time, spirit and shared ideas of the whole day.

We were joined by speakers and presenters from Manila, Lisbon and Stockton on Tees…

More later – and we will be sharing the talks ‘TED’ style in due course on

But to take this opportunity to
Say thanks to all the speakers, delegates, technicians, caterers, and the whole Pilot Theatre and York Theatre Royal teams who helped us to make shift happen…

This is still part of the story…

Marcus Romer
Artistic Director
Pilot Theatre

Back in Bubwith for #TKTKM ‘The Knife That Killed Me’

1 Jul

Last week we were all back in the studios. The reason? – we had just screened the first section of TKTKM at the screening room at the University of York TFTV Department, and then we headed to Bubwith to share this again with the team.

The screening was for Universal Pictures UK who had come up to see how the project was progressing. The screening went really well and it is a big thanks especially to all the visual effects team who had worked so hard to pull all the elements together for this.

It felt good to be back with Kit and Tom and to be talking about the creative elements of structuring the film in this post production process.

We are heading for completion this year, and it was an exciting moment to start the thoughts about the marketing and lead in prior to the launch.

We were also joined by Jack McMullen – who plays Paul and Jamie Shelton who plays Roth in the movie. Again great to see them and to catch up.

There is now a wikipedia page for TKTKM here

more later…