A filling station for boats and cars #mysteryplays #thespacearts

1 Aug

Today I went to a petrol station – that fuels both cars and boats – that was good – because today we had a boat – so we filled it up and set off round the Island of Brac – an awesome and exciting day – first time I have ever sailed a boat on my own – well not on my own – as MR and SH were with me – we sailed to Bobovisca from Milna and across to a small island – anchoring and swimming from the boat – we got supplies after mooring in Bobovisca – and then headed out to three more bays and beaches only accessible by boat. To be honest it was a fabulous day – great fun and exciting – and sometimes a little bit scary – crossing the ferry paths and such – but hey – we were buoyed up – yep as during the day I was in contact with the Pilot Theatre team and the Kinura team who were busy integrating the code into the Space site for the first time – exciting stuff as this was the day we were making sure it worked with the Space Arts and their team – so a big thanks to Jake and Mo at the Space and their team – and to Mark and Mandy at Pilot HQ – and of course to Sarah, Ben and Sacha at Kinura – So even though I am away in The Adriatic – the possibility that still we can make shift happen is great – we have wifi and full mobile coverage – so even from a boat on the isle of Brac we can still be connected and be part of the event and story – Back at the weekend and a full week before the livestream of the #mysteryplays on Aug 11th

This will be on thespace.org site In the meantime last minute design content and delivery tweaking.

The great thing is that new stuff always happens in different ways – we booked this break last year – before we knew we had the Space contract – but I am happy to say that with the connectivity and resourcefulness of the teams we can make this Shift Happen – and that for me is almost as good as the design of a garage for cars and boats

Only this project is way more exciting #onwards




PS for those who imagine I am on a really big boat and living a millionaire’s life – yep I am – BUT the breaking news is that the actual cost of the 4m motor launch with a 5BHP outboard motor was 60 quid for 24 hours including fuel… – and it was awesome! #livingthedream ūüôā

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