Scenes of Mild Peril – have been averted – #family blog

2 Aug

A late night text last night from our son, Christy – who is working for an NGO in Djougou in Benin, West Africa read …

‘What is the dose for the ciprofloxacin? need to know ASAP’

We phoned him – no reply – we texted – still no reply – The drug is one of the strongest antibiotics – It turned out he was in hospital – in Djougou and was having further antibiotic injections – We waited for news – he had been in and out of sleep all day and every ten minutes or so had been rushing to the bathroom for the last 24 hours

So he was taken to the local hospital by his host family. Thank goodness – as the six injections and oral doses of drugs seemed to revive him

Consequently scenes of mild peril were then averted – and we eventually managed to speak to him today.

He sounded ok and we were relieved – his project starts tomorrow about HIV awareness – he is determined to be there for the launch.

Amazing resilience the human body – and with the right intervention at the right time – means we can all sleep a little more restfully tonight…


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