The light here is amazing #blog

3 Aug

The light in Dubrovnik old town tonight…

A long day today – but a good one – an early start and a trip to catch the ferry from Supetar on Bra?? – across the Adriatic to Split. From here a bus to Dubrovnik which is a 6 hour trip down the Dalmation coastline to the Unesco World heritage city of Dubrovnik.

An interesting part of the journey is that you have to cross the Bosnia Herzegovina border as for 5km the coastline belongs to them. The bus stops – guards get on and check your id
– you drive on for three minutes then do the same again.

We passed signs and roads to Sarajevo and Mostar and indeed we crossed the famous river. We crossed several rebuilt bridges and saw that some of the landscape still bears the scars.

We were the only English people on the bus which made regular stops at working towns and depots along the way.

A great way to travel and to take in the atmosphere of Croatia today – and being out of email contact was great. It allowed me to sketch out a new storyline and plot for a new project. A real focused amount of thinking time – which was rewarding indeed.

Arriving at Dubrovnik the light was utterly amazing – and what an awesome place – I managed to light a candle for my dad in the Cathedral here as, unbelievably it is exactly one year ago today that he died.

Still time to catch up on some work stuff and to hear that the Mysteries and The Space project are progressing really well indeed. So a big thanks to all the Pilot / York / Kinura teams.

We are back to work on Monday and it will be all systems go. But in the meantime batteries are being recharged and we are going to make the most of the two day break in this beautiful city.


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