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5 Aug

Today I made a leap – right into the deep water today. From here right on the edge of Grad Dubrovnik and straight into the salty Adriatic.

More importantly I have been making notes and jotting down thoughts about work and plans. It has been great to take the time to think and I appreciate that this makes me very fortunate indeed.

The great thing about working for Pilot theatre is seeing the range and skills of the team blossom and develop. Since taking a break from the office a fortnight ago – lots has happened.

Our associate directors Katie Posner opening the York Mysteries with the whole team after months of real graft and hard work – is fantastic. Tom Bellerby opening two shows in Edinburgh and getting great reviews is brilliant – and this comes on the back of his European show opening in the Czech Republic.

Mandy Smith and Sarah Seddon steering the Producing and Administrative keel of the company
– and bringing the touring team for Long Distance Runner into the Pilot Team. As well as steering the needs for The Space with York Theatre Royal team.

Not to mention Mark Beasley who has been bridging the whole Space and Kinura and BBC production project to fruition and developing all his Digital Production skills from PilotLive to the forefront on this.

The marketing and press teams too have been uploading images and av stuff into the Dropbox for the BBC.

For me I have been asked to write an article for The Stage on our Livestream project for the #mysteryplays with @kinura which is on Saturday Aug 11th at 7pm UK time.I have also been kept up to date with the edit on The Knife that Killed Me movie we shot in April/May this year – we are working to a December 2012 delivery for Universal Pictures for a March 2013 cinema release

As well as thinking – I have realised that what we have created with the company is an opportunities hub and a seed bed for creative talent – which is an exciting place to think and make work.

The understanding too, that as with the development of the athletes for team GB we too, in our own way, have spent out own time developing our team of artists and players with their own skills and abilities.

This has taken time and resources – but the range and diversity of our projects makes me very proud indeed. So we have new projects in the pipeline. We have a new Chair starting to work with us – and I for one am looking forward to diving back into the work tomorrow – feeling refreshed, invigorated and above all excited.

#mysteryplays #ldr2012 #thespacearts #TKTKTM #edfringe

Bring it on


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