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My work desk / vinyl / mac / ipad / iphone / coffee / #oldschoolnewschool

27 Sep

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Artistic Director’s workspace…

vinyl playing on Steepletone deck / iphone updating / moleskine and fountain pen / logitech keyboard for ipad / sun streaming in through the window / hot coffee / I like my workspace. I am back at my desk now – we have come out of a very busy making period.

We ran the Space project on August 11th and that went live with 6 cam livestream – the ‘as live’ archive went live on the in the first week of September.

During this time I directed The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner starting on August 20th – we opened on September 19th last week. We have had the press in and we are about to go on tour starting in Birmingaham at the Rep next week.

I can now breathe…

Today I have music playing and am playing catch up with work emails and stuff – so in early – and I have brought some classic vinyl in from home…


Full single track for #LDR2012 by @sandynuttgens featuring @banditwords

26 Sep

The playout full single version of our track. With words by Elliot Barnes-Worrell and Faeri

music by Sandy Nuttgens with vocals by Faeri and Bandit-Words

The Trailer for The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner #LDR2012

15 Sep

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner – #LDR2012  

Using a section of our playout single by Sandy Nuttgens with Mia featuring Elliot Barnes-Worrel


outside Greggs Bakery with @banditwords and @jack_McMullen in #LDR2012

14 Sep

From the dress run – with Jack McMullen and Elliot Barnes-Worrell on stage. We open The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner – on September 14th at York Theatre Royal. A world stage premiere of Roy Williams’ new adaptation. 01904 623568 for tickets

Image of #LDR2012 at end of tech run @yorktheatre

13 Sep

dress run tonight at 7.30…

with @jack_mcmullen and @banditwords on stage watching David Cameron on TV #LDR2012

13 Sep

in the tech run – location Colin Smith’s House

Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – after the robbery…#LDR2012

13 Sep

Nice media server projection…we open tomorrow – see the G2 Guardian today 13th Sept…

India walking during the av and lx plotting session #LDR2012

11 Sep

We are still working the media server which delivers our images across the space and integrating the lighting – we are opening the door to Co-lin’s world at home in this section

The set for The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – #2012 preset cue

11 Sep

Full screen on iPad #mysteryplays @thespacearts

8 Sep

Watching the Mystery Plays remix on the iPad – on allows you to go full screen

Just touch the screen and widen the player.

Here at Pilot Theatre we launched this on Thursday – 6 camera feeds – 3 audio feeds and full text transcript.

A chance to remix the livestream from August 11th

This is essentially 6 iPlayers all running in sync – each with 4 hours of HD video – so 24 hours of HD streaming to your phone / iPad / tablet / computer

It is a first iteration and part of the R and D we have been developing with Kinura since our first livestream four years ago.

This has evolved into our PilotLive project and this 6 camera idea is the first step in evolving how we can move forward with our new ideas and innovation about audience engagement with the arts.

The Space has allowed us to take these steps and we will be continuing with our thinking.

Please do feed back any thoughts or comments.

It is how we will all learn to make this work better