Full screen on iPad #mysteryplays @thespacearts

8 Sep

Watching the Mystery Plays remix on the iPad – on http://thespace.org allows you to go full screen

Just touch the screen and widen the player.

Here at Pilot Theatre we launched this on Thursday – 6 camera feeds – 3 audio feeds and full text transcript.

A chance to remix the livestream from August 11th

This is essentially 6 iPlayers all running in sync – each with 4 hours of HD video – so 24 hours of HD streaming to your phone / iPad / tablet / computer

It is a first iteration and part of the R and D we have been developing with Kinura since our first livestream four years ago.

This has evolved into our PilotLive project and this 6 camera idea is the first step in evolving how we can move forward with our new ideas and innovation about audience engagement with the arts.

The Space has allowed us to take these steps and we will be continuing with our thinking.

Please do feed back any thoughts or comments.

It is how we will all learn to make this work better


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